Pale Blue Moon

by Tara Watts

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released August 9, 2014

Thank you to J.J. Ipsen (bass and key features), Marshall Bureau (drums), David Celia (guest guitar appearances), Andy Magoffin for his musical and audio ingenuity. Thank you to all of my family (Watts and McCoy) for their love and support over the years and thanks to my brothers and sisters in the Windsor art/music scene that remind me why I do what I do. Love you guys.


all rights reserved



Tara Watts Windsor, Ontario

Tara Watts has been performing for over a decade. Solo, full band, cover and original shows. From cafes to large festivals. She acknowledges the beauty of nature and embraces the healing and freedom that comes from the songwriting process. With 2 original albums under her belt and new material begging to be recorded, there is much excitement in the wind. ... more

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Track Name: Hello Sun
Hello Sun

So the day didn’t go exactly as planned
Said some harmful words to your dearest friend
Tho’ your heart is pure, the path you lead is destruction
What’s that all about?

Easier to stay there
Than climb up a mountain
Easier to lie down
Than go to the door
Easier to turn away
Than put out a fire

Woke up one day and realized so much time had past
Been spending too long in a box surrounded by broken glass
Been living in this storm for too long
That’s in my head


Shaking the 8-ball and asking of the future
No matter what it shall no longer involve harmful words from her
Been living in this shadow for too long
Hello sun…..



Put out that fire, go through that door, climb that mountain….

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Pack My Bags
Pack my bags

Pack my bags I’m on the road
Where I’ll stop nobody knows
Some place far from misery and pain
Some place where the water flows
Only the wine and whisky knows my name

You held me down for far too long
Been singing this pathetic song too long
Been living in this damn ol’ town
All it does is bring me down, I know

Gotta get away from the madness and decay of this time
Where the roads that I walk and the paths that I take are mine

Found a place that’s far from here
Skies are blue the air is clear
Nearest town a hundred miles my dear
No one knows if I exist
If I speak its with my fist at best


Move over boy and put your anger in the ground
Move over girl and put your memories all down
Move over boy and put your hatred in the ground
Move over girl worries all down

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Gentle Ol' Soul
Gentle Ol’ Soul

Gentle ol’ soul with nowhere to go
Ordered a bottle of beer
He sat on his stool to warm up his hands
No one he knew was there

He sat in a place that he thought he’d be safe
Then he started using his words
He realized to his demise
All were distracted by appearances

Oh, how the winds blow
Here or there no one ever knows
Oh, how those winds change
Never leaving any of us the same

She came for a drink cuz she wanted to think
Of the next steps she should take
He sat by her side and looked in her eyes
Said sorry for what he would say

She drove home alone
Her lover is gone
Wish he had something to say
Not a word was to be heard
Does she want to live this way

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Met a Girl
Met a girl

I met a girl from another life
She’s now a mother and a wife
Life has taken us in different ways
Black or white, no room for haze

I wear this crown upon my head
The burden of it can’t even be said
Some time so tight, can’t even think
In other moments, crazy? On the brink

Life comes in many
Beauty comes from different places
Peace must live within, within

Sit on a rock with my guitar
My love nearby not going far
Take a breath and breathe it in
Let moments like this outweigh the grim


New winds blowing through this town
A new wind’s blowing through this town
New winds blowing through this town

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Barren Trees
Barren Trees

To the barren trees I shout to you
To the cloudless skies
I want to live in you
On these streets I’ve lived
But I don’t know you
From these tiny windows
We have no clue

From this cliff edge all I can see
The trees and rivers my company
How vast the earth compared to me
The scent of the pine in the air, comfort to me

Still this aching heart, still this aching heart

With your mighty wings,
Just soar right through
Into the arms that can embrace you
May the warmth of the sun
Carry me through
As creation speaks
I will think of you


Still this aching heart
Still this aching and quiet this shaking
Still this aching heart

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Jude's Song
Jude’s Song

There’s a girl that I know
For three years or so
And she just hit a wall
Every way she faces
Looks like grey days
But she keeps moving on

This girl that I know
Her heart is like gold
And her eyes the same
This life she knew
It just changed out of the blue
But she must keep strong
For those she brings along

Things they must get better someday
I pray that day is soon for you
In moments when you just can’t breathe
Let others breathe for you

There’s a boy that I know
He’s at least 10ft or so
And his heart’s on fire
Every way he turns
He just watches things burn
But he keeps pressing on
For his love that sings along

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: The Lakeside
The Lakeside

I miss my brother
And I love his lover
I can’t believe how time flies by
I miss the lakeside
Always hurting your eyes
Everything was bright and new

Don’t know my family
Though I know they love me
And think of me, as do I
I love my lover
More than any other
Though I’m not so good at showing why

Give it all up for one more day with you
Give it all up for a clearer view
Give it all up for one more moment
To say beautiful things about you

I hate my choices
Been too many voices
To clearly choose right paths to take
But here I am now
Not alone somehow
It’s not too late to do things right

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Sweet Grass County
Sweet Grass County

Oooooh, Sweet Grass County Jail
Where my boyfriend had to pay my bail

Had a fight in Kansas City
I can tell you it wasn’t pretty
Maybe, it was a little loud
I had a point and so did he
Just wanted to make the other see
The correct point of view

So louder and louder and louder it took
The hour of night, didn’t even look
But around 3, there was a knock
My partner in crime went to the door
I went to the john
Not knowing what’s about to happen

Upon return there were two cops
Their faces stern, guns were cocked
Said, ‘ma’am what have you done?’
I followed their eyes to the floor
I couldn’t say one word more
For on that floor there was a gun

Was small and black and looking mean
It was the silliest thing I’d ever seen
For that mean ol’ thing it was my lighter
They grabbed my left arm and my right
I didn’t put up much of a fight
Knowing full well where I’d spend the night


Was put in stripes and paper shoes
Took my picture, then I got the news
That I’d be in a cell with 12 angry gals
Put me inside and locked the door
I gazed to the dirty floor
Doing my best not to be seen

I got one question then the next
They heard my story and were perplexed
Said in here you’re one of us

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: S.O.S.

Please help me
I’m hiding in the shadows
Trying not to be seen
Trying even harder not to scream

Vulture, vulture
Craving your next meal
Your beady little eyes
Searching to and fro
Trying to find your next meal

You’ve most definitely been seen
You better run while you’re able
Fight ‘cuz you can
Even if they don’t understand

Oh, don’t be afraid of ghosts
Or of what you may see or feel
Oh, don’t be afraid of ghosts
Or of what you may see or feel

Spotlight, spotlight
Exposing everything that needs to be seen
Shallow are your ways
Unhappy you live your days
How do you even show your face

Copyright Tara Watts 2014
Track Name: Pale Blue Moon
Pale blue moon

Go to sleep pale blue moon
The morning sun will be here soon
The coyotes singing underneath you
Their sorrowful tune
Singing for you….

Cold fall air blowing without a care
The changing leaves dancing in your breeze
The silent deer graze peacefully
I hold my breath don’t want them to see me…don’t want them to see me.

So close your eyes and come in close
Hold the one that you love the most
Close your eyes and come in close
And hold the one that you love the most…love the most

The gentle rains fall all around me
As I walk amongst the birds and the trees
The distant hum of destruction
Reminds me we are not yet free…we are not yet free

What do you love the most
What do you love the most

Copyright Tara Watts 2014

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